Training Role-model Personality

Invest and Live with Role-model Personality Type
Resilient, Emotionally Strong Plus High on Four Traits
How to Train Resilience Trait for Parenting and Self-care?

Role-model Personality: What and How?

Use to measure your current personality type; Use scientific methods from apps and tabs to train self and others to become the role-model type in the future.

3. Buffett View on Emotions and Investment

1. Self-awareness: deep abdominal breathing
2. Attention – flexibility & stability of focus: mindfulness, meditation
3. Letting go (1) – physical: become peaceful and calm
4. Letting go (2) – mental: change negative or unhelpful beliefs
5. Accessing & sustaining positive emotion: lower expectation

Source; Find more training tools from other tabs

Compartmentalize today from past and future; being in the present
Become Resilient, Emotionally Strong, Mentally Tough, Tough Skin
You can score low on the Emotional (Not-resilient) trait of the Personality Scale

Accept the worst case scenario; Start problem solving for target state

Like slow waterboarding. Negativity keeps you focused on the problem, whereas positivity helps you find solutions to it.

If a problem has a solution, you do not need to worry about it. If a problem has no solution, it will not help to worry about it.

5W-1H: What, Why, When, Where, Who, How

Write down What, Why, Problem, Solution

Keep self busy

Do not overpay for little things

90% chance it would not happen

Accept it if shit happens

Set a time limit to get over it.

Do not correct the past

Rest often before getting tired

Worries, depression, nervousness make you tired

Write it down and talk about it with loving family

Clean desk and room, clarify and prioritize, start action on decisions, divide and conquer, assign responsibilities, monitor and oversee

Improvise: anything can be made interesting, we like to work on passions

Worrying about insomnia hurts more than insomnia itself, so do not worry
Who cares: parents, investors, companies, 401K contributors
Tech: next-gen AI, machine causal intelligence, cloud
This: scientific methods to become emotionally strong
Next: human nature