Gratitude AI Score (GAS) Lab

How to become happier? This is a popular question for everyone in every-day life. It is especially meaningful for people with depression symptoms and habitual negative thoughts.

Although there are tremendous writings and opinions on happiness and well-being, surprisingly, automated data-driven solutions to help become happier are scarce.

GAS is a data-driven AI NLP solution (including GAS algorithm and GAS App) providing 'energy' (GAS) for earning more happiness that can be measured.

Maslow AI App

"Gratitude comes from conscious memory of a satisfied need. A positive thought of gratefulness cancels out negative thoughts as they do not coexist at the same time. Practicing gratitude makes all happy." -Dr. Ye

Maslow Needs Hierarchy; Pursuit of Happiness; Persuade Changes of Emotions; Book of Changes (I Ching); Emotional Health; Game Theory; Positive Psychology Theory PERMA

Progress: GAS algorithm done; GAS AI app; Practicing Gratitude work in progress