AI Machine Causality (MC)

NextGen AI MC enabled by CAP and Nobel causality
Use AI MC to discover root causes for problem solving
Demonstrate AI MC by solving overweight problems
Optimal weightloss can prevent 70% illness and save lives

Solve Obesity Problems for Physicians

Problem A: What causes overweight?
Problem B: Is diet > activities for weightloss?

1. collect original data by natural experiment
2. use CAP to discover optimal causal AI model
3. analyze the model for root causes of overweight
4. advise physicians on solutions to weightloss

Create a survey with the questions
(AI MC data by natural vs. lab experiment)

Use CAP to find the optimal AI MC model
Close fit model with RMSEA ~0.05 (N=2111)
(Angrist 2021 Nobel, causalilty algorithm)

Analyze models for root causes of overweight
Factor 1 (f1): diet – major impact on weight. FAVCyes (high caloric food), CH2O (water)
Factor 2 (f2): activity – minor impact on weight

Advice to physcians: Diet (4.94) > Activities (-0.03)
Physicans to patients: Keto diet for weightloss?
Tech: nextgen AI, causal algorithm, container, cloud
This: demonstrate AI MC for health problem solving
Next: more examples for AI MC by Causal AI Platform
Who cares: physicians, patients, researchers, technologists