PNN Short Selling Fairness

Investigate Abusive Short Selling
Measure Short Selling Sentiment (S3) Index by NLP and LAP

Justice for Companies by Pseudonymous Attack


Experience: Buy 30 Sell 70
Science: good-fit LAP models prove RSI effect
May The Force Be With You

3 S&P 500 Stocks (AAPL, BAC, AXP) Power 75% Of Buffett's Profit

LAP = PNN 3.0 Next-gen AI
LAP enables model definition, latent factor discovery, noise reduction, prediction, and finding latent causal relations.
Use case 1: LAP discovers more effective technical indicators for predicting stock trends with MCI.
Use case 2: LAP measures sentiment short selling (S3) score with MCI to fight pseudonymous attacks on public companies.
Use case 3: LAP container runs on NVIDIA chips to become Latent AI Chip (LAC); enable Edge AI/MCI high-performance computing (HPC) for self driving (Tesla, Apple, NVIDIA DRIVE) and Edge AIHPC data center.
Use case 4: LAP enables next-gen business intelligence and Enterprise AI by machine causal intelligence.

Who cares: public companies, hedge funds, 401K/IRA contributors
Tech: next-gen AI, LAP, machine causal intelligence
This: justice for public companies by pseudonymous attacks
Next: ETF and mutual funds