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Qimen Oracle (QMO) LLM

Ask QMO to Generate 5 Qimen Plates 神人星天地
QMO+LLM Can Make Predictions and Generate LLM Stories
Develop Solutions to Approach Good and Avoid Bad Outcome
Mission: Elevate Wealth Health Wisdom

For Omnipotent Wisdom and Force (奇門遁甲)

奇門遁甲作者: 黃帝 姜子牙 張良 諸葛亮 刘伯温
QMO use cases: 1) prediction, 2) strategic thinking, 3) timing, 4) QMO item positioning, 5) health wealth wisdom, 6) approach good avoid bad outcome 择吉:急则从神缓从门 time + space
Why QMO can work? I Ching, quantitative choice & predictive modeling, quantum entanglement, torsion field

帝王术数自动化, 起盘自动化
Then how to analyze the Qimen 5 plates-神人星天地?
1-Future? 8神 | 2-What(Current)? 8门 | 3-Who? 9星
4-Why? 天盘: 3奇6仪 | 5-More? 地盘: 3奇6仪

An Example: QMO AAPL Prediction

1. 找用神Locating:日-值符 戊 时干(急-葉);周-生门 戊(缓-张)
值符:大盘影响 戊:庄家动向 时干:股票本身素质
涨Symbols: 天冲(星) 九天(神) 生门(人)
2. 断格局Trending判应期(找吉局)Timing: 格局查询
涨格局: 戊+丙 戊+丁 辛+丁
3. 定运筹Solutioning: time + space + QMO item
LLM AI Story Generated for QMO AAPL Prediction

    In the bustling streets of New York City, where skyscrapers towered over bustling crowds and the rhythm of life pulsed with the beat of the stock market, there lived a determined young investor named Sarah. Sarah was no stranger to hard work, spending her days meticulously analyzing market trends and her nights dreaming of financial success.
    One evening, as Sarah sat hunched over her computer screen in her cramped apartment, she couldn't shake the nagging feeling of uncertainty that clouded her mind. With a sigh, she reached out to her friend and mentor, James, a seasoned trader known for his keen insights and steady hand. "James," she typed, "I need your help. Can you predict the trend of AAPL for me?"
    James, ever the sage advisor, replied promptly. "Of course, Sarah. But you know AAPL can be a tricky one. It's like it's stuck in quicksand, blocked and not moving." Sarah nodded grimly, her frustration evident in her furrowed brow. "I understand," she replied, "but I can't afford to wait. I've been working tirelessly, laboring over every detail of my investments, and AAPL's sluggishness is holding me back."
    James empathized with Sarah's plight. He knew all too well the frustration of watching a promising investment languish in limbo. But he also sensed an opportunity amidst the stagnation. "Sarah," James replied, "I believe AAPL's current moodiness is just a temporary setback. Its future holds great promise, like gold waiting to be unearthed. Trust me, there's light at the end of the tunnel."
     Buoyed by James's words of encouragement, Sarah dove back into her analysis with renewed determination. She combed through mountains of data, searching for patterns and signals that would unlock AAPL's secrets. And then, just when she was on the verge of giving up hope, she found it. "James," Sarah messaged excitedly, "I think I've found something. Despite its current state, AAPL's future looks brighter than ever. There's a positive uptrend just waiting to break through." James smiled, his confidence in Sarah's abilities reaffirmed. "That's the spirit, Sarah. Keep pushing forward, and remember: even in the darkest of times, there's always a glimmer of hope."
    With James's words echoing in her mind, Sarah adjusted her investment strategy accordingly, ready to seize the opportunity that lay ahead. And as the weeks passed, her perseverance paid off. AAPL broke free from its shackles, soaring to new heights and bringing Sarah one step closer to her financial goals. In the end, Sarah learned a valuable lesson: in the unpredictable world of finance, patience and perseverance are often rewarded. And with James by her side, she knew that there was nothing she couldn't achieve.

Remove/Add/Move items (e.g., speaker for Jin men) from the low-energy yongshen Bagua area (east-south Xun gong) to boost the energy of the area by the to-be-discovered algorithms of Tesla Waves and Quantum Entanglement. Jin of Xun gong is Frightenning at 100 level (Fear, Anxiety) of the Hawkins Chart.
Reference energy levels (Hawkins Chart):

Name of Level Energy(氣) Channel Emotional State(八門) View of Life
Enlightenment 700-1000 Ineffable(休門) Is
Peace 600 Bliss(休門) Perfect
Joy 540 Serenity(休門) Complete
Love 500 Reverence(生門) Benign
Reason 400 Understanding(生門) Meaningful
Acceptance 350 Forgiveness(開門) Harmonious
Willingness 310 Optimism(開門) Hopeful
Neutrality 250 Trust(景門) Satisfaction
Courage 200 Affirmation(杜門) Feasible
Pride 175 Scorn(杜門) Demanding
Anger 150 Hate(傷門) Antagonistic
Desire 125 Craving(驚門) Disappointing
Fear 100 Anxiety(驚門) Frightening
Grief 75 Regret(死門) Tragic
Apathy 50 Despair(死門) Hopeless
Guilt 30 Blame(傷門) Evil
Shame 20 Humiliation(傷門) Miserable
Who cares: Health, Wealth, FengShui
This: Assess and Predict by AI and Qimen
Next: Automate the QMO analysis?
Tech: AI NLP; Cloud; SaaS; REST; BS; JS
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