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Consciousness Level Energy Channel Emotional State(八門) View of Life
Enlightenment(開悟) 700-1000 Ineffable(无名) Is(慈悲:与乐拔苦)
Peace 600 Bliss(休) Perfect
Joy 540 Serenity(休) Complete
Love 500 Reverence(生) Benign
Reason 400 Understanding(生) Meaningful
Acceptance 350 Forgiveness(開) Harmonious
Willingness 310 Optimism(開) Hopeful
Neutrality 250 Trust(景) Satisfaction
Courage 200 Affirmation(杜) Feasible
Pride 175 Scorn(杜) Demanding
Anger 150 Hate(傷) Antagonistic
Desire 125 Craving(驚) Disappointing
Fear 100 Anxiety(驚) Frightening
Grief 75 Regret(死) Tragic
Apathy 50 Despair(死) Hopeless
Guilt 30 Blame(傷) Evil
Shame 20 Humiliation(傷) Miserable

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1. Circle legs, close eyes, smile
2. Two hands facing each other, belly breathing
3. Swing with relaxing piano music (use a Portable MP3 player radio)
4. Imagine beautiful things and loving people
5. Getting warm | self healing | relaxing | feeling good
Adaptation from Meditation Qigong 站桩

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Split step/more moves/CSS, early open/shoulder-chin, semi open stance 45 degrees, effortless/loose grip (5/10), step-in/lean-forward, whip/low2high-brush/shoulder-chin, weight transfer, serve/return and volley, effortless snap led by racket butt (serve/stroke)

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