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AI MC for Scientific Technical Analysis (STA)
Nextgen AI modeling on MACD and RSI Effects by CAP
Discover Better Technical Indicator for STA Trading by CAP
操盘的下一代技术分析: 机器因果(科学)建模

Is MACD more effective? CAP can tell

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Effective strategy by scientific technical analysis
AAPL Gold Cross (1Y)
AAPL Sentiment
AI MC machine problem solving for trading: Leadership is solving problems; Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier - General Powell (1995)

CAP modeling shows TLCB is 2x more effective than RSI for certain stocks


Experience: Buy 30 Sell 70
Science: good-fit CAP models prove RSI effect
May The Force Be With You

3 S&P 500 Stocks (AAPL, BAC, AXP) Power 75% Of Buffett's Profit

CAP = PNN 3.0 Next-gen AI MC
CAP enables model definition, latent factor discovery, noise reduction, prediction, and finding latent causal relations.
Use case 1: CAP discovers if MACD is more effective than RSI.
Use case 2: CAP container runs on NVIDIA chips to become Causal AI Chip (CAC); enable Edge AI/MCI high-performance computing (HPC) for self driving cars and bots.
Use case 3: CAP enables next-gen business intelligence and Enterprise AI MC.

Who cares: institutions, mutual funds, 401K/IRA contributors
Tech: nextgen AI MC, CAP, STA, natural causal experiment
This: nextgen AI MC trading by STA CAP
Next: CAP for ETF and hedge funds