Is the Defendant Guilty? Why?

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Use LLMs to deeply investigate case files
(stealth mode alpha release)

Athena, the goddess of wisdom, strategy, and justice, embodies intellect, insight, and problem-solving skills.

Who care: Business & Government Law or Medical Practice
Tech: LLMs, RAG, GPT, Cloud, API, GPU chip
This: deep investigation of business or government cases
Next: follow C-ATO process for LLM risk auto-mitigation
ChatCase is a PNN ARI Service
Join the early innings of AI revolution: LLMs mass adoption
A306-ChatPDFs: unique understanding on local PDFs + LLM
A306-ChatPDF(tbd): understand local PDFs with local LLM
A302-LocalLLM: local docs + local LLM + Connectionless
ChatCase: chat with you like the authors of local PDFs
A202-ChatCSV: unique understanding with local CSV + LLM
ChatCSV: answer your numbers questions on local tables
A306-ChatURL: like asking content authors of websites
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(I,Robot movie: the kill switch of V.I.K.I. is molecular machine)