Meditation Music Qigong (MMQ)

How to Alleviate Ordinary Unhappiness?
Keep a Relaxed Silent Tranquil Peaceful Mind
Tranquility Makes Beautiful Times and a Joyful Life

Meditate Anytime Anywhere 静气功:吐纳打坐生乐

Close eyes, smile, cross legs or Yoga stand

Persisting in an optimistic attitude is key to success

Belly breathing inhale-hold-exhale-hold 5555

Chest breathing 12-20 per minute -> BB 2-3 breaths per minute
Nature Citation for BB on Anxiety
Medical Citation for BB on Acid Reflux HB
Always be looking for the opportunities, and always be optimistic about what you can do with the opportunity. - C. Powell

Two hands facing each other, like holding a ball

Compartmentalize today from past and future; being in the present
Become Resilient, Emotionally Strong, Mentally Tough, Tough Skin

Accept the worst case scenario; Start problem solving for target state

Like slow waterboarding. Negativity keeps you focused on the problem, whereas positivity helps you find solutions to it.

If a problem has a solution, you do not need to worry about it. If a problem has no solution, it will not help to worry about it.

Breathe or swing with music (belly breathing)

5W-1H: What, Why, When, Where, Who, How

Write down What, Why, Problem, Solution

Recall loving people and happy moments

Keep self busy

Do not overpay for little things

90% chance it would not happen

Accept it if shit happens

Set a time limit to get over it.

Do not correct the past

getting warm | self healing | relaxing | feeling good

Conscious memory makes conscious anxiety (CA), e.g., recalling a trauma event can cause conscious anxiety such as posttraumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).
Unconscious memory makes unconscious anxiety, e.g., 1) associates of a trauma event can cause unconscious anxiety by priming effect; 2) white coat anxiety hypertension.
Conscious anxiety can be described in awareness; unconscious anxiety is not in awareness and cannot be explained or controlled.

1. systolic blood pressure under UA - systolic blood pressure under MMQ; diastolic blood pressure under UA - diastolic blood pressure under MMQ.
2. ECG T-ware inversion can possibly measure UA.

Like conscious anxiety, UA is a form of unhappiness. Eliminating UA and CA makes you happy.
CA is short lived and can be addressed by reasoning and cognitive therapy. UA is pervasive, hidden, harder to address.

Rest often before getting tired

Worries, depression, nervousness make you tired

Write it down and talk about it with loving family

Clean desk and room, clarify and prioritize, start action on decisions, divide and conquer, assign responsibilities, monitor and oversee

Improvise: anything can be made interesting, we like to work on passions

Worrying about insomnia hurts more than insomnia itself, so do not worry


Magnesium deficiency causes anxiety and insomnia. Magnesium-rich foods (nuts and seeds) or magnesium supplement before bedtime?

松甩(dj双勾) 抬头 落点(T,C) 双脚跳 单曲 上网
正手接: 垫步|dj一举二单三甩(松)四重心|深远上旋
反手接: 垫步 | 反手加力下旋 | 上网截击 | 目标鞋带
一发(松甩):一曲二dj勾(双)三倾(头)四甩 | 垫步复位
二发: 一落二右(前)三勾(松)四旋(甩) | 三步复位截击
发球上网: 发球垫步 | 反手截击低球 | 上网目标鞋带
Poaching 曲膝弹簧启动(前脚掌着地) | 垫步上网截击
Pace & Power 分腿垫步->弹簧启动->前倾重心
Stay loose一发: double bend dj双勾 1-10(3) 面条arms
降LDL食物 (168->112; <=99mg / dl)
蛋白质: 鸡胸肉,蛋白液 | 油脂:核桃仁
断:舌苔白厚舌有齿, heartburn, acid reflux
治: TUMS, Magnesium
调穴1(e-cupping):太白 公孙(OM),神门,内关

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