PNN® Wisdom Recipe: ICO Ecosystem
Wisdom: best practice of problem-solving strategy & execution
Problem-solving I.D.E.A: Identify Develop Execute Assess
ICO: develop problem-solving strategy for predictive future
SoulCare for ICO: speakable非常道 + implicit wisdoms常道
Choice=ƒ(Wisdoms of 道慧Action+佛慧Mood+儒慧Love)
Wisdom recipe: what is today's happy recipe?
Zen参悟: can words or music trigger enlightenment?
ICO ecosystem: ICO SoulCare AcuCare Recipe QMO QMX

Wisdom→Recipe→Happy Hormones

QiHealth 正念
SoulCare AcuCare

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Dance Song Song1

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Buddha QiHealth

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Secret CreateRecipe

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Hormone Recipe
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Endorphins {{ pickedend }}
Serotonin {{ pickedmood }}
Oxytocin {{ pickedlove }}

六字箴言Om Mani Padme Hum降心魔 治病 免劫 去障 见性成佛
幸福之钥(修身): 得失随缘 心无增减 喜风不动 定在慈悲
幸福之钥(齐家): 口中有德 目中有人 心中有爱 行中有善
此心不动 随机而动 (Meditate Calm Timing Act) 正念善念当下
Happy hormones = instant calmness & happiness
Enlightenment (Spectrum) = lasting calmness & happiness

ICO Ecosystem: ICO, SoulCare, AcuCare, Recipe
Wisdom Intelligence & Well-being
I Ching 64 hexagrams Problems of life, nature & universe
I Ching Oracle (ICO) ICO Problem Solving: 50-stalks Algo
ICO-LLM ICO Problem Solving: LLM Algo
I Ching Genetic Code 64 hexagrams解 64 RNA codons
Generate hexagrams Choice & predictive simulation
ICO hexagram analysis Problem solving & choice 正念
I Ching medicine Medical problem solving
ICO politicians & 国运 Predict nations future 皇极经世 离卦
I Ching Fengshui 家运 Energy flow health wealth well-being
趋吉得gain避凶失loss Loss aversion (Kahneman 2000)
Taoism 知足知止而常乐 Well-being & Positive Psychology
正念善念 戒念贪嗔痴 Mindfulness stops negative thought
Zen Buddha 戒定慧 Enlightenment開悟 Epiphany顿悟
Tao Zen Buddha 参而悟 Implicit word-stem story completion
3 Self: Body Mind Soul Soul: Meditate Flow Zen-epiphany
修身齐家 治国 和平天下 ICO application use cases
ICO ecosystem 生态 ICO-LLM SoulCare AcuCare Recipe
Solution Strategy LLM Customize ICO for 8+ categories
Qimen Simplified Handy Qimen Xiao6ren
Qimen LLM Advanced prediction + LLM story

Who cares: youngster, trader, employee, everyone else
Tech: AWS, Linux, Apache, JS, Vue, API, BTS, HTML5
This: wisdom recipe based on wise choices
Next: can GenAI simulate human wisdom intelligence?
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